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Aurora Cannabis: Deal Or No Deal

Aurora Cannabis was left out of the major deal making in 2018.
The cannabis company updated FQ2 guidance to revenues of $50 to $55 million with a continued focus on pure production growth.
The stock is down as the market is becoming less impressed with commodity farming operations due to the prime Oregon example.
The stock is below key resistance at $5.40 as medical cannabis patient totals failed to impress.
As the end of 2018 came and went, Aurora Cannabis (ACB) was a notable absentee from the deal making in the cannabis market. Just about all of the other major Canadian cannabis players got large investments or signed up powerful partnerships, but the related stocks didn't generally maintain rallies following the deals. Based on the early legalization data in Canada and Oregon, the best option for Aurora Cannabis might actually be selling production capacity while the Canadian market remains hot.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 

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