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Baidu: Embrace The Growth

Baidu reported Q1 results that beat estimates. The company returned to revenue growth after two quarters of declines following the new Internet advertising laws in China. The valuation gap with Alphabet has grown incredibly large suggesting the soon-to-be faster growing Baidu has plenty of upside. The  Q1 '17 results  prove that  Baidu  (NASDAQ: BIDU ) is finally emerging from a nearly yearlong bout with tighter Internet advertising regulations in China. The requirement to verify online marketing accounts set the business back nearly a year. Please see the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Disclosure: Long Baidu. Please see the disclosure page for more details. 

PayPal: About That Huge Buyback Plan

PayPal reported another solid quarter for Q1. The digital payments company produces consistently strong and growing free cash flows. The stock offers a reasonable value back by huge stock buyback plans. My  last recommendation  on  PayPal Holdings  (NASDAQ: PYPL ) over a year ago was to buy the digital payments stock alongside a $2 billion share buyback. After a big rally, the company still signals value even with the market cap soaring beyond $55 billion. Please see the full article on Seeking Alpha. Disclosure: No position. Please review the disclaimer page for more details.