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2021 Roundtable: Vaccine News - Value

- Today our contributors who specialize in value, dividend, high yield, income, and REITs share their thoughts. -We will return with Part 2 of the 2021 Outlook Roundtable in early January. -The Marketplace team wishes to all who celebrate a Merry Christmas! We end our  2021 Roundtable - Part 1 - Vaccine News  series with our contributors who focus on value, dividend, high yield, income, and REIT investing. We asked our authors the following: Now that vaccines are approved in several countries, a post-COVID reality is in sight. How does this impact the investment horizon in your area of expertise for 2021? Name up to three stocks/ETFs that will outperform as a result. The answers were compiled as late as Sunday, Dec. 20. As usual, feel free to comment below - we'd love to hear your opinions. Out Fox The Street  by  Stone Fox Capital : A vaccine sets up the economic reopen trade for 2021 which includes a lot of the stocks in the Out Fox model. These stocks had solid business models h