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Novavax: At It Again

With Novavax (NVAX), the company is always a few days away from issuing more stock and usually at not very opportune times. The small biotech just made such a move again.

On December 31, Novavax filed to sell $100 million of shares at a 2% commission. As usual, the move made no sense with a cash balance that has to be in excess of $100 million and knowledge that the company was about to release positive Phase 2 data on NanoFlu.

Any smart management team would wait for the positive data before announcing the plan to sell data. Not to mention, one still has to question the costly pursuit of NanoFlu causing the issuance of shares while the primary focus of RSF vaccines gets dilute.

The company has an interesting story, but the stock remains too hard to get behind with these moves. 

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Anonymous said…
Take your shit and put it in your mouth!
Mark Holder said…
So you are ok with the company diluting shareholders with no regard for the price?
Anonymous said…
Scam of ART for decades, how mnay share float now? +500 M this year and RSVm is fiasco part II.
Mark Holder said…
The last share count was 376M and this new offering could add up to an additional 50M shares.
Anonymous said…
Oh Mark. You're at it again. They haven't diluted anything. Try to keep up, my friend. You are embarrassing yourself with your lacking knowledge.

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