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IB Net Payout Yields Model

Macy's: Still Looking For A Bigger Bid

  Macy's has a buyout bid of $24 per share, up from the original offer of $21. The real estate value of Macy's is estimated to be worth double the current stock price. Macy's plans to focus on luxury stores and close underperforming locations while expanding the Bluemercury beauty brand. Macy's stock only trades at 7x EPS targets that appear conservative. Looking for a portfolio of ideas like this one? Members of Out Fox The Street get exclusive access to our subscriber-only portfolios.  Learn More » The retail sector has faced a tough time since the economy reopened after Covid shutdowns, which led to consumers turning attention towards experiences and travel.  Macy's  ( NYSE: M ) still reported solid results in 2023, and along with a  potential buyout bid, the stock should trade much higher. My  investment thesis  remains Bullish on the stock, even after the large bounce off the 2023 lows. Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Disclosure: Long M. Please review

Plug Power: Still On The Bleeding Edge

Update - Apr. 23, 2024 Plug Power now has major hydrogen plants in production, now the company has to  start eliminating all of the extra costs for fuel. Stock has the potential for a double bottom low with the elimination of high fuel costs.  -Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) +1.2% pre-market Tuesday after saying it has reached nameplate capacity at the company's hydrogen plants in Georgia and Tennessee, with its Louisiana joint venture with Olin on track to achieve mechanical completion by the end of Q3. -Plug said its Georgia hydrogen plant, home to the largest Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer system in the U.S., has been running at a stable rate of 15 tons/day since the beginning of April. -With Plug's Tennessee plant now operating at nameplate capacity of 10 tons/day, the company said it has achieved a total liquid hydrogen capacity of 25 tons/day, which can fulfill roughly half of its customers' green hydrogen demand. Original article posted on Apr. 5, 2024 Plug Power In

Snap: 7 Million Reasons To Buy The Dip

Update - Apr. 17, 2024 Congress spends a lot of time talking about a TikTok ban, but it just seems like talk. Snap is very intriguing here at $10 based on Snapchat+ with an outlier potential for the ban.  -Snapchat surged during Wednesday trading following news that the proposed bill forcing TikTok to divest from ByteDance or face a U.S. ban might get fast tracked. -House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) plans to include the TikTok bill in a fast-track package that includes aid for Ukraine and Israel, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. Original article posted on March 27 Snap Inc.'s Q1 '24 guidance for DAUs and revenue fell slightly below consensus, but disappointed investors missed the progress on returning towards 15% growth. Snapchat+ is growing towards the 14 million target for the end of 2024 with an updated number for the end of Q1 providing a catalyst. The stock only trades at 4x EV/S targets, a discount to social media peers. Looking for a portfolio of ideas like this one? Member

Ouster: Built To Survive And Thrive

Update - April 3 2024 Ouster is holding strong at $10 despite the analyst downgrade.  Chardan Research downgraded Ouster ( NYSE: OUST ) to a Neutral rating on Wednesday after having the stock set at Buy. Analyst Brian Dobson said the firm is moving to the sidelines with the lidar technology stock closing in on the $10 price target. Dobson  also noted that recent share price appreciation may have been bolstered by short covering action. He also warned that Chardan Research's forward price to revenue multiple on Ouster  has risen 150 basis points compared with the preceding six-month average for the metric. Original article posted on March 27 Ouster reported strong 2023 Lidar bookings of $142 million. The company's Q1'24 revenue guidance exceeds consensus estimates, indicating solid growth in the Lidar sensor market. Stock only has a market cap of $200 million, barely above the bookings level for last year. Looking for a portfolio of ideas like this one? Members of Out Fox Th