IB Net Payout Yields Model

Action List from 2018's Winners and Losers

The FAANG crash in 2018 selectively hurt stocks and the technology sector. While Amazon.com (AMZN) rose 26.6%, Facebook (FB) lost 26%. The privacy scandal will not go away. The social networking giant must spend billions on security and staff to plug up holes and to re-gain user trust.

Getting back that trust could take months at minimum. By then, users may flock over to...Instagram, a Facebook-owned asset.

DGI value creation stopped at General Electric (GE) but started in the tobacco industry. PM and MO both pay a solid dividend yielding over 6%.

Oil and Gas plunged in the last quarter after markets jinxed it with talk of $80 - $100 oil. At half that price, the supply glut will create buying opportunities for energy investors. Exxon (XOM), (COP) and (CVX) are the core holdings.


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