eBay: No Longer Sleepy

  eBay forecasts massive Q1 growth. The company is now benefitting from certifiable products via internal work and third-party services. The platform saw trading card transactions surge over 140% in 2020. The stock is exceptionally cheap now at 12.5x 2022 EPS estimates. Looking for more investing ideas like this one? Get them exclusively at Out Fox The Street.  Learn More » While COVID-19 damaged most retail properties,  eBay  ( EBAY ) was one online marketplace to really benefit from the higher online demand. The company faces tough comps starting in Q2 which makes the business difficult to evaluate, providing an opportunity for alert investors. My  investment thesis  remains very bullish on the stock as new management pushes forward with aggressive initiatives. Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Disclosure: Long EBAY. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 

Ayr Wellness: New Name, Same Game

  Ayr Wellness is poised for substantial growth through 2022. The small MSO will quickly rival the size of global cannabis stocks with market valuations in excess of $10 billion. The stock trades at only 7.6x EV/2022 EBITDA target of $325 million. This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Out Fox The Street.  Learn More » In a matter of months,  Ayr Strategies  ( OTCQX:AYRWF ) made a transformative deal in Florida and  changed their name  to Ayr Wellness. The U.S. multi-state operator ("MSO") now forecasts massive revenue and adjusted EBITDA targets in 2022 making the company a major player in the cannabis world. My  investment thesis  remains very bullish on the stock even after a 60% gain since the last article less than three months ago. Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Disclosure: No position mentioned. Please read the disclaimer page for more details. 

Skillz: Back To Earth

  Wolfpack Research released a short report on Skillz. The recently closed SPAC deal was irrationally priced in the stock market with the market cap soaring above $20 billion at the highs. The company must maintain 2021 revenue targets of $366 million despite the headwinds in mobile gaming. Investors must avoid this stock due to valuation and especially if Wolfpack Research is accurate on the upcoming revenue misses. This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Out Fox The Street.  Learn More » The upcoming  Skillz  ( SKLZ ) earnings report is important for not only the stock, but also the cooling SPAC space. A lot of the blank-check companies have made business combinations based on aggressive 2025+ revenue targets, yet very few of these companies have reported earnings since going public. The real-money gaming platform was already an extremely expensive stock before Wolfpack Research hit the stock with a  report  suggesting the revenue targets

Conversion Labs: Telehealth Subscriptions

  Conversion Labs was highlighted in a bull call by Citron Research. The company is building a DTC health and wellness platform focused on subscription services. Q4 revenues surged 265% to $13.6 million. The stock is cheap compared to other telehealth brands trading at less than 5x EV/S multiples. This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Out Fox The Street.  Get started today » The telehealth space was hot in 2020 and Conversion Labs ( CVLB ) is playing perfectly into this trend. The company is quickly ramping up some new direct-to-consumer subscription services while building a telehealth platform for future products. The stock is appealing here after a notable firm made a bullish case on the stock. Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Update - March 18 A couple of weeks ago, LifeMD predicted Q1 revenue to reach $17 million. After the close, $HIMS reported a solid revenue beat for Q4. $LFMD reports after the close on the 29th.  -Him &a

2021 Roundtable: Vaccine News - Value

- Today our contributors who specialize in value, dividend, high yield, income, and REITs share their thoughts. -We will return with Part 2 of the 2021 Outlook Roundtable in early January. -The Marketplace team wishes to all who celebrate a Merry Christmas! We end our  2021 Roundtable - Part 1 - Vaccine News  series with our contributors who focus on value, dividend, high yield, income, and REIT investing. We asked our authors the following: Now that vaccines are approved in several countries, a post-COVID reality is in sight. How does this impact the investment horizon in your area of expertise for 2021? Name up to three stocks/ETFs that will outperform as a result. The answers were compiled as late as Sunday, Dec. 20. As usual, feel free to comment below - we'd love to hear your opinions. Out Fox The Street  by  Stone Fox Capital : A vaccine sets up the economic reopen trade for 2021 which includes a lot of the stocks in the Out Fox model. These stocks had solid business models h

Nikola: GM Deal Doesn't Add Value

  Nikola is still waiting on GM to finalize their strategic partnership. The company apparently needs GM's battery and fuel-cell technology to build superior second generation trucks. The stock is worth nearly $11 billion prior to an equity distribution to GM. Nikola has too much risk without a GM partnership and not enough proprietary technology with a deal to make the stock a buy here. Nikola  ( NKLA ) soared 15% on Wednesday following circulation of an  internal report  showing  General Motors  ( GM ) had finally signed the deal to work together. While a signed partnership from GM does solidify Nikola as a viable EV company, the deal doesn't make the stock a bargain. Contrary to my thinking, Nikola hasn't completely collapsed on the departure of founding CEO Trevor Milton, but my  investment thesis  remains negative with the stock up at $25. Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.  Disclosure: Long GM. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 

Out Fox The Street - Oct. 5, 2020

Article originally published to Out Fox members back on Oct. 5.  Aphria is a cheap Canadian cannabis stock up $1 since this call. Twitter remains favorite social media play. Sample research from  Out Fox The Street : Aphria ( OTC:APHA ) For a long time, Aphria was been a favorite amongst the Canadian cannabis LPs due to a cheaper valuation and stronger execution. Back on Sept. 24, the stock was  highlighted  as a better Canadian cannabis pick than  Aurora Cannabis  ( OTC:ACB ) when Aphria traded at $4.31. Aphria has gotten a big boost today with Cantor Fitzgerald hiking the price target by C$2.50 to C$15.50. The amount equates to $11.68 for a stock trading at only $4.41 before the market opened today. Some key points of the bullish call for the quarter ending August: Canadian Rec. revenue to grow 37% QoQ. Canadian Rec. EBITDA margins to top 20%. FQ1'20 revenues of C$171M. FQ1'20 EBITDA of C$16.3M. A big key to the quarterly results is the expectation of Aphria generating C$16.3