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Stat of the Day: VXO hits 45 again

Not hardly a week removed from hitting 45 on 9/18/08 and the market is back to this extreme level. Usually hitting the 40 level has historically been a huge buy signal for at least the next 4-6 months. Below are the times that 40 has been hit and only 2 times did it exceed 45 in the prior 20+ years until this month. Guess time will tell if this one leads to a huge rally.

Date High
10/19/1987 152.48
8/24/1990 40.01
10/27/1997 40.04
8/27/1998 41.46
4/14/2000 41.53
3/22/2001 41.99
9/17/2001 47.7
7/11/2002 41.64
9/18/2008 45.81


Mark Holder said…
Make that 52. What a day!
Mark Holder said…
Hit a high of over 55.

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