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Quantitative Easin' - A Barry White Style Ballad

This a great song for anybody with a sense of humor and a economic interest. Or somebody that wants a basic understanding of Quantitative Easing, but would rather not read an article from Bill Gross or watch CNBC.

"Quantitative Easin, the time has come to relever. Lending short-term, baby that's just teasin' - I want to lend forever. Now the credit markets are misbehavin', I think they need a spanking. That's why I'm ready to show them, some very special central bankin'."...... "baby I want to buy the long bond".... "one part pleasin', five parts act of desperation".... "we're going to have to quantitate"

Had to delete the embed as it was causing issues with the blog formatting. See the song on youtube.com. 


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