IB Net Payout Yields Model

Covestor Top 3 Month Performer

The Opportunistic model offered via Covestor.com has had a very volatile history, but over the last 3 months the model had the best 3 month performance on Covestor. It was up 37.6% versus 30.5% for 2nd place and some 10% for the SP500. They now offer over 100 models so its definitely a feet that we're proud of achieving. More importantly though the model has exceeded the SP500 by over 20% in its 8 month history of being tracked by Covestor.

Naturally this Opportunistic model is very aggressive so these results will remain volatile and not suited for all investors. We're in the process of placing the Net Payout Yields and Growth models on Covestor. Not only will these 2 models provide access to more conservative investment options, but they'll also both be suitable for IRA money. Please click on the links in the right hand column for track records for these models.

Please contact Mark Holder @ stonefox27@ymail.com with any questions.

Link to Top Performers - 3 month.


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