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Bernie Marcus: JOBS Stupid!

Bernie Marcus, Co-Founder of Home Depot (HD), had some interesting words on CNBC today. It's always nice to see somebody say how it is instead of being all political on TV.

Interesting idea on the reality show for Geithner..... 'Geithner Does Small Business'. Yikes, did he really say that? And the bumber sticker over Clinton's mouth that says 'Jobs Stupid'. Is that for Bill or Hillary? Lol...


Anonymous said…
Bernie Marcus told the truth. He has it absolutely right! That is the best segment on small business and on the problems facing this country I have ever seen. Everyone should hear what he has to say. Marcus was clear and to the point on everything he said.
Mark Holder said…
yep, good stuff that we just don't hear in these PC days.

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