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Diamond Management Gets 30% Premium from PWC

Today Diamond Management (DTPI) accepted a deal with PWC for $12.50/sh or roughly 30% over its closing price yesterday. The bid is also higher then the stock price back in April when the stock market in general was much higher.

Why do I mention this deal for a stock you've probably never heard of? That's precisely the reason. With the world economy supposedly falling back into a double-dip why is PWC willing to pay a premium price for DPTI? Why is Dell & HP fighting over a relatively unknown storage company in 3PAR (PAR) and willing to pay a 150% premium?

Our guess is that corporate insiders realize that the global economy is much better then the US centric people that run the media portray it. Hence they are starting to spend as they likely see the recovery gaining a second wind as we move into 2011.

  • Diamond Management (DTPI 12.45, +2.91) is a leading performer among small-cap stocks. The consulting firm will be acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers for $12.50 per share, which is a premium of roughly 30% over the stock's prior session closing price.


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