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Can the Media Be Any More Negative?

Brian Westbury from First Trust appeared on Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. this morning and defended his optimistic view of the economy. I'll be the first to admit that Brian has been a little too positive, but to me his main flaw is that he hasn't accounted for the negativity of the media.

Varney and his gang are so negative that they even question who is going to get consumers spending when they themselves have just scared everybody into hiding. Even though as Brian points out consumer spending in Q2 was up 4% to an all time record high. Though Varney is right to point out that Brian might be too optimistic, he himself claims that 1% growth is no growth. That 90K private jobs a month equuals no jobs. Come on Fox Business, its less then desirable. Its less then optimum, but isn't 'NO' growth. Your not helping by spinning everything more negative then the reality.


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