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Most Bullish Wall St Analyst: Binky Chada

Binky is the chief equity startegist at Deustche Bank. His target for year end is 1325 making him more bullish then us at this point. Listening to the clip we do agree to most of his ideas, but we're more concerned above stock prices towards year end if all these taxes on investment income actually increase. Gotta take into perspective that 1250-1300 only takes us back to where the market was pre-Lehman collapse. Yes, the market has come a long way, but he fell way too far.

With SP500 earnings expected over $80 now, 1325 isn't that far fetched. Especially went $95 for 2011 is becoming more realistic. $95 x 15 gets the market back to 1425. Might seem far fetched but when you review the real numbers surrounding corporate profits the questions should become 'Why Not?'.

With a name like Binky he better be good as well.


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