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Covestor Model Up 17% in Less Then 6 Weeks

In less then 6 weeks the Covestor Model is already reporting strong results. The model is already up 17% versus a little under 5% for the market. Not bad considering the model was down 4% on its first day of February 3rd. A day the market dropped over 3% so not great timing there. Also remember that the model is up over 150% since it began in Dec 2008, but CVIM only counts the record since I became live on their Interactive Brokers platform. They do have the link to the history though for verification.

Of the 46 managers on the CVIM site, our Opportunistic Model ranks 2nd in the MTD results (click on MTD in the upper right corner) at over 13%. Check on Monday morning when they update the results from Friday and it'll be up 14%. We're proud of being 2nd because although this is an aggressive portfolio it is up against several daytraders and undiversified portfolios giving them alot more leverage for out sized short term gains.

Please email us at stonefox27@ymail with any questions or contact CVIM. Its only $5K to open an account with them. With as little as $10K, you can invest with 2 different managers giving you some diversification of managers. Something you can't get elsewhere unless you go the mutual fund route and most funds are so large and diversified into so many stocks that your almost buying the market.


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