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Hartford Financial Removes TARP Shackles, Looks to Breakout

Just minutes ago, Hartford Financial announced that they has repaid the US Treasury the $3.4B that HIG had borrowed during the crisis. With this out of the way, the stock price should now be free to breakout above the current range. Looking at the chart $28.50 has been strong resistance so any solid break and close above it would signal a higher range going forward.

  • The Hartford paid $3.4 billion to the U.S. Treasury to repurchase the preferred stock, plus a final dividend payment of about $21.7 million. The Hartford funded the repurchase with proceeds from its recent equity and debt offerings, as well as from available resources. The U.S. Treasury continues to hold warrants to purchase approximately 52 million shares of The Hartford’s common stock at an initial exercise price of $9.79 per share. The company does not intend to repurchase the warrants from the U.S. Treasury.


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