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Apple Hits All Time High! Hooplah Just Starting?

Incredibly Apple (APPL) hit another new all time high today. Ok, it's not really all that incredible to us considering we've suggested $300 and $1,000 [Apple to $1,000] targets during 2009.
Still its very rare for a tech stock to exceed the 2000 high.

Part of the reason for the jump today was just the overall market, but it didn't hurt that Cramer was pushing the stock last night on his Mad Money show. Cramer is bullish because the new Apple iPad product is gaining key corporate support especially in the Healthcare and Legal areas. Read doctors and lawyers. That could really feed into Mac sales as well.

With the cash on hand and what could be yet another strong product with the iPad, AAPL is likely a must own for the next couple of years.


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