The Facebook Slowdown

Interesting report from Bloomberg West on the Facebook (FB) Q112 results just released. Amazingly, Facebook had a revenue decline for the first time ever. This might highlight why Zuckerburg made just a fast move to buy Instagram for $1B. A move that a company in the process of going public shouldn't make.

Has any young tech company ever paid so much money for another company?

The really crazy part is that Apple (AAPL) just reported faster growth than Facebook. How is it that the most valuable company on the planet is growing faster than the hottest tech company around?

Contrary to what is mentioned in this report, the larger social media companies have been waiting too long too go public. Groupon (GRPN), Zynga (ZNGA), and now Facebook have apparently waited to the point that growth has slowed down before going public. 

My concern with Facebook is that sites such as Twitter and Pinterest are pulling away users time. For business people especially in the financial world, Twitter provides a better way to attract new followers than Facebook. Or at the very least it takes away from the time spent on Facebook.

Watch the video for some interesting data on Facebook:

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