3D Home Printing - Way Cool

Impressive stuff from 3D Systems (DDD). Watch the below video as the CEO showcases the new 3D home printer with Blomberg West.

Definitely need to keep an eye on this stock along with Proto Labs (PRLB) that recently went public. This real time printing and creation of manufacturing products has the potential for huge growth. Right now though, 3D Systems trades at 24x forward earnings with only 15% long term earnings growth.

Clearly for now the stock doesn't match the growth rate. The question is whether the company has created a product that will dramatically increase growth or whether this product is ultimately a novelty product.

This is clearly worth more research. Maybe a weekend project.

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bumper stickers said…
i love 3D printing, and really interested in this company which is recently gona public.
daniellaprice30 said…
It's very cool indeed! I could just imagine those 3D printing in my bedroom wall and for sure it's going to add dimension and space in my room. Great job! You'll make in the the 3D marketing world.
andieclark said…
Wow! I'm appalled by how genius this one is. You guys deserve to be apart of the 3D ad campaigns of the New York advertising agencies.
Mark Holder said…
huh? Not sure this became about 3D advertising.

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