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Sears Holdings Externalizing Brands Could Be Major Catalyst For Stock

With news last week that Sears Holdings (SHLD) would be selling Craftsman tools in Costco (COST) stores, Eddie Lampert has hopefully ushered in the era of breaking away from a retail store based operation. Ever since Lampert bought Sears and Kmart, investors have been looking forward to the day that the company would focus more on selling the brands worldwide and monetizing the massive real estate assets versus focusing on a dying retail operation that seems utterly lost.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha. 

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Mark Holder said…
No more Kenmore at just Sears. Interesting concepts by retail 'expert' Howard Davidowitz. Another guy that just doesn't understand the future of Sears. Sears is not a retailer. Do you want to sell to millions of customers or thousands?

Mark Holder said…
Forgot to add that the stock is up 7% based on this news combined with the strong market.

Retail analysts might want Sears to remain a retailer. Shareholders want them to be a brand seller and a REIT operator.

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