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Sears Holdings is Off to the Races

Sears Holdings (SHLD) is one of the most hated retails stocks, but if anybody has followed this blog they'd know that SHLD isn't a retail stock. Buy it for the assets that aren't fully accounted for on their balance sheet. Today is broken near term resistance in the $86-88 range. Sure looks like $100 is the next stop around the Oct 2008 highs and then likely much higher.

SHLD remains one of our top value picks (read opportunistic) in the Growth Portfolio and a selection for the Net Payout Yield Portfolio because they buyback so much stock.

11:05AM Sears Hldg extends current intraday strength of its morning lows up to last week's December peak of 86.53 (SHLD) 56.00 +2.58


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