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Dennis Kneale Outrage

Me thinks the shorts protest way too much on the comments from this CNBC anchor. Lately he has been spewing very bullish themes on his late night show such as the 'Great Recession has Ended'. Based on this clip, the shorts on blogs evidently don't like his calls. Looking at the facts he presents, I'm not sure why everybody is so opposed to his opinion. He clearly lacks detailed knowledge of the financial data points as he typically stumbles through the numbers, but I think hes usually right on spot with his macro view.

Based on my work on SeekingAlpha.com and casual reading of other blogs I've noticed a very negative slant to the typical blog. The negative writers seem to have the most followers. Its become cool to be short so maybe the backlash against Kneale isn't that surprising. It's pretty odd to think people are so upset about somebody being bullish. That sure speaks volumes on the negative mindset even after this big rally. In anything, its stirred up the bears to post more.


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