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Fast Money Halftime Negativity Fest

Watching this CNBC Fast Money video made me want to take the opposite side of the trade. These guys are very smart especially Gartner, but when everybody in the room on Wall St is on the same side of the trade your typically better off taking the other side of the trade.

The S&P500 pulled back close to the 20ema which isn't overly surprising. We added to some hedges at the end of last week including buying the SH (Short S&P 500) for the Hedged Fund. They typical pundit on CNBC still expects this market to roll over so it gives me more confidence to buy on any slight dip tomorrow. Looking to add back to GFA, DKS, RVBD, MS, HIG and start X. All of these stocks trade around the 20/50 emas with huge upside potential. These stocks were over extended but now they've pulled in for a great trade.


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