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StockTwits 50: Underfollowed Stocks

StockTwits publishes a weekly list called the StockTwits 50 that encompasses a list of stocks with strong fundamentals and technical characteristics. Read more about it here.

For anybody not familiar with it, the list provides a selection of 50 stocks with the highest scores based on their algorithm. Some well known names such as Under Armour (UA) appear on the list and others not known like Cyberonics (CYBX) made it. Even the largest market cap stock, Apple (AAPL), ranks in the middle of the list.

The key to such lists is that it isn't biased by personal emotions. It favors the companies with the best fundamentals such as improving earnings combined with strong technical setups. Though one needs to understand that such data is only as good as the available sources or even the programming.

Read the full article on Seeking Alpha.

Disclosure: Long AAPL. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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