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New Highs on Apple

The hits just keep coming on Apple (AAPL). The stock just hit a new 52 week high and I even believe an all time high of $275. The new Iphone 4 as been a huge hit on pre orders and Wall St. can't seem to upgrade the stock fast enough.

AAPL is a large position in our Growth and Opportunistic portfolios. Though the stock hitting new highs is exciting especially with the SP500 still 100 points below its April high and some 400 below its all time high, it does make us pause to ponder whether AAPL is getting too big. Market cap is now $250B with MSFT at $230B. For now, we'll let the stock run, but some time down the road maybe in the $300s AAPL will just run out of room for growth.

This is just a beautiful chart. Anybody buying on the flash crash lows was a genius. Most stocks have retested those lows but AAPL never even approached them.


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