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Apple: China Plus Icahn Equals No Brainer Valuation

The confluence of the startup of the China Mobile (CHL) relationship, Carl Icahn pushing for corporate moves, and the December quarterly earnings report places Apple (AAPL) stock on a high alert for Monday. Investors appear reluctant to give the stock a market multiple on fears that it is losing its technological lead though it appears to have several catalysts to propel it forward in the next few years. In fact, it's very possible that the Icahn proposal would solve the major issue of large numbers that might be holding the stock back as much as anything.

China Mobile
The pre-order sales for China Mobile weren't nearly as many as expected, but the recent speculation that Apple is preparing larger display phones combined with news from the Apple CEO that it maintains a 57% mobile browser market share sets it up for a large ramp in China by fiscal year 2015.

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