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Investors Are Misguided On The Legacy Of Ballmer

The common perception by investors is that Steve Ballmer was a complete failure while CEO of Microsoft (MSFT). Sure he could've done better at developing a mobile software strategy. Sure he could've done better at developing products to compete with Apple's (AAPL) slew of consumer gadgets that made billions over the last decade. Investors miss the point, though, that not only did Microsoft perform in line with the other technology powers from the 2000 technology bubble, but it wasn't a product design firm like Apple.

Most investors forget that Apple designed the most appealing computer at the time so it was only staying within its core competency by building a iPod, iPhone and iPad. Microsoft though got distracted attempting to make products instead of focusing on developing software to dominate the mobile world. Instead, Google (GOOG) now dominates the mobile world with the Android even surpassing iOS from Apple.

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