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Market Continues To Deny The ExOne Flaws

Typically missing earnings estimates on every report as a public company would cause a stock to plunge. In the case of industrial 3D printer manufacturer ExOne (XONE), the market has surprisingly overlooked every misstep. Naturally lots of potential exists in the sector and of a stock that reported 97% growth, but the company mentioned some disturbing issues in the earnings call that questions the 200% gain in the stock and sky-high valuation.

ExOne is a 3D industrial printer company focused on manufacturing and selling 3D printing machines and parts via printing service centers (PSCs) around the world. It sells machines such as the S-Max pictured below that cost up to $1.5 million causing lumpy sales and unpredictable results. Investors though don't appear concerned by less than expected numbers.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha.

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