Glu Mobile Rebounds On Insider Purchases

Glu Mobile (GLUU) has absolutely plunged the last few months as the mobile game developer struggled with a slew of failed games during Q3. Unfortunately investors continue to forget that short-term failure shouldn't lead to the outright collapse of the stock. Long-term valued can still exist.

The company still expects over $100M in revenue next year and appears to be setting up a premier development platform. So why do investors continue to sell growth stories into oblivion? This company reached a market value below $150M yet recent deals for fast growing companies have hit 10x revenue.

6-Month Chart

The stock slumped from $5 to $2 based on the game failures during Q3 that lead to 5 games being delayed during Q4 to allow the new President to review the monetization plans.

Considering a director bought nearly $10M worth of shares back in early October at around $3, why should the new purchases prop up the stock nearly 10% today? Maybe it shouldn't though continued buying by multiple insiders sure beats following a group constantly selling the stock. 

List from Insider Moneky:

Considering the low value of the stock now, these purchases will quickly add up to a large percentage of the stock.

Disclosure: Long GLUU. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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