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Disturbing Videos on the Market

Most people will probably find these videos normal. In fact, one can probably see similar clips 100x a day.

What disturbes me is how the media has become so conditioned to a down market. How the Bloomberg reporter almost appears uncomfortable interviewing a bullish guest. One that uses a proprietary system to trigger when he is bullish or bearish. Not a raging bull that never flips depending on the market conditions.

The other video is disturbing because the host and the analysts appear to blow off todays rally as if its all smoke and mirrors. They have a very strange mindset that stock markets never goes up. Not one of fighting history. True the market could slump in 2012 before the inevitable rally. Does anyone doubt that it will eventually be higher whether 2013, 2015, or 2020? An likely much higher considering the current PE ratios and earnings will undoubtedly continue ramping year after year.

Don Hays on Bloomberg:

FastMoney analyst Louise Cooper:

Sure Denis Gartman has turned bullish, but the rest of them are very depressing.


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