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Impressive Grand Opening for Dick's Sporting Goods in Tulsa Metro Area

After years of being an investor in Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) and not actually being able to shop at the retail locations, the company finally opened a sporting goods store in my area. In fact it opened three stores in the Tulsa metro area over the weekend.

As a sports enthusiast and investor, DKS probably provides me the ultimate junction of hobby and professional life of any stock worth owning.

The grand opening was complete with one of the biggest media blitzes that I've seen or maybe just noticed. Possibly its just that I listen to the sports show on the radio or read the local sports section that I happened to notice the advertising by DKS more than say a women's clothing store or the Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) when it arrived.

Most people have probably witnessed grand openings of DKS prior so this is already first hand knowledge, but the grand opening ordeal was complete with autograph sessions of OKC Thunder players, past local football greats like Barry Sanders and Thurmon Thomas, not to mention OU legendary coach Barry Switzer.

The ordeal also included fishing demonstrations via a portable outside tank and several other promotions.

Within a weekend, DKS probably already owns the sporting goods market in Tulsa. The competition is already out gunned by the store numbers with Sports Authority and Academy only claiming 2 stores each. On top of that neither store provides a compelling or interesting reason to visit the store other than by default.

As an investor, I've always been impressed by the consistently strong results of this stock. DKS has dominated the sector by providing a better retailing experience and a dominating marketing presence. Now I know something new. As somebody that has only shopped at a few stores outside Oklahoma over the years, I never experienced the overwhelming marketing blitz.

From the outside, I've noticed how it made impressive buyouts in California and the NW during the financial collapse. The company is strong and makes moves on strength to take advantage of weaker competitors. This weekend just solidified the investment thesis. A new store probably hardly known by consumers now owns the market.

Good job Dicks!

Below is the portfolio data copied from Market Pulse on Yahoo! Finance. It provides weekly stock positions of the models Stone Fox Capital runs via Covestor. This transparency isn't available via other investments outlets such as mutual funds or hedge funds.

Stone Fox Capital
Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 7.1% in $DKS in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Covestor Model
Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 4.6% in $DKS in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Covestor Model

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