Poll of the Day: Investors Positioning for a June Correction

At every turn of this market rally from the March 2009 lows, investors have been very quick to head for the exits and brace for a correction. Unfortunately for the correction hopefuls, it just isn't likely to happen when  a majority of people are prepared for a correction. Corrections happen when a majority of investors are willing to buy the dips and hence nobody is left to buy forcing the market to keep going lower.

According to this Fast Money poll over 60% of investors that responded to their poll question on May 31st are positioned for a June correction. Sure its only 4,700 investors, but its a good indication of the investor sentiment heading into June. The economic data has been weak of late, but it appears that most investors are already on the sidelines waiting for an event not likely to happen as only a limited amount of sellers remains.

Are you positioning for a June correction?
Yes... Greece non-starter, seasonally weak month.
No... global growth on good footing.
Total Votes: 4705
Not a Scientific Survey
Results may not total 100% due to rounding


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