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Sector Review Since the Financial Crisis: Women's Apparel

This is the second in a series on stock sectors that have yet to recover from their pre-financial crisis levels. The first report focused on domestic steel producers (Are Steel Stocks Poised to Recover?) that aren't anywhere near to recovery levels. I pointed out in that article that a major user of steel such as Caterpillar (CAT) has had a fantastic recovery to new highs.

This time, the focus will be on the apparel sector and more importantly mainly women's clothing providers. Many of the high end retail providers such as Ralph Lauren (RL) or Coach (COH) or V.F. Corp (VF) have rebounded to new highs in 2011, easily surpassing the previous 2006/2007 highs. Whether it's because these companies provide higher end merchandise or focus on items that typically fall into the gift category or maybe it's even more of a focus on men that has helped these retailers; the stocks have all fared much better than the women's apparel sector. 

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