Portfolio Review: Opportunistic (Long Only) Up Nearly 30% YTD

Our Opportunistic Long Only Portfolio is having a fantastic year and has almost reached a 30% gain with the SP500 up just short of 12%. Historically the portfolio now has a gain that would be over 35% (subtract the extra 1.25% p.a. charged at marketocracy.com) while the market is still down for the tracking period. This leaves an outperformance approaching 15% a year.

Compare this gain to a lot of the mutual funds and hedge funds that are lagging the market.

The leading stocks remain Aercap Holding (AER), Apple Computer (AAPL), and Riverbed Tech (RVBD) as they have been all year. So Buy and Hold is dead? Ok, I'm not really a buy and hold investor but I'll definitely hold a winner for years if the story remains good. Constant trading just leads to more taxes which is one of the issues with most returns reported by funds that don't factor in taxes. This portfolio has a 65% turnover rate in the last 12 months, but the key is that the stocks being sold tend to be the losers and in a rare case a winner that has peaked out.

Other major investments include coal players Massey Energy (MEE) and Puda Coal (PUDA). Both coal stocks have had huge gains since Sept 1st. Considering the portion of the portfolio invested in coal is now more then 10% including Alpha Natural Resources (ANR), we're now more in favor of a MEE buyout then typical. Such a buyout at a premium would provide an opportune time to reduce exposure to the sector.

A replica of this portfolio will soon be available as a model on Covestor.com. If interested in investing directly email me at stonefox27@ymail.com or check my profile at Covestor towards month end. Currently the Levered version of this model has one of the best returns and subscription rates so check it out as well. .

SFCG 0.42%4.82%13.49%28.43%
S&P 500-0.13%3.76%7.72%11.91%

Disclosure: All stocks listed are owned. 


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