Original Covestor Model Tops 60% Gain for 2010

The Covestor Opportunistic Arbitrage (Levered) Model was launched on February 3rd this year. Since then the model has gained over 60% now while the SP500 is up 14.3%. Not to shabby and sure exceeds the goal of beating the market by 2-3x its gains.

The model is very aggressive with leverage probably averaging over 1.5x for the year. The model has greatly benefited from cloud computing and commodity stock gains. Lately though retail stocks such as Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) and Liz Claiborne (LIZ) have helped out.

Please review the model on Covestor.com if you have any interest in investing in it.

Inception Feb 03, 2010Manager*S&P 500Avg. Sub.
Month to date (%)8.896.278.40
1 month (%)9.76-0.239.14
3 month (%)53.5112.5150.43
Annualized since inception (%)70.6616.30n/a
Since inception (%)60.0114.34n/a
Sharpe (since inception)1.380.87n/a

3rd Model launched: Anybody interested in a un leveraged version of that model should check out the latest model launched by Mark Holder - Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only. This model started accumulating trading data on November 8th and provides investors the opportunity to invest retirement money or money looking for a little less risk. This model in general is a exact replication of the very successful Opportunistic Arbitrage but without using margin. It also is prevented from directly using shorts, but at times it might use ETFs that short stocks.

Currently the largest holdings are Foster Wheeler (FWLT), Apple (AAPL), Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS), Terex Corporation (TEX), and Alpha Natural Resources (ANR). You might note that the position holdings are slightly different in the models mainly due to rebalancing at the launch of the model and the direction of stocks after launching. FWLT for example has exploded higher since early November hence pushing its weighting to top of the heap.

The model is already up 4.87% versus the 2.56% for the SP500. It charges 1.5% of assets per annum with a minimum investment of $5,000. Again please contact Covestor.com if your interested.

Inception Nov 08, 2010Manager*S&P 500Avg. Sub.
Month to date (%)5.256.27-
Since inception (%)4.872.56n/a
Sharpe (since inception)2.761.61n/a


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