Terremark Worldwide Signs Up FCC for Enterprise Cloud Offering

More good news from Terremark Worldwide (TMRK) on landing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their Enterprise Cloud platform to support its strategy to leverage cloud computing, including the agency's plan to host its web site in the cloud. 

This is yet another sign how the governments need to cut budgets either forces them or makes it more likely that they'll move more services online and ultimately into the cloud. Where they might have been more reluctant in the past to outsource into the 'cloud' it now makes economical sense and the lower costs are out ruling any concerns on security. 

TMRK is a proven government provider and a leader in the federal market. Look for more and more government agencies to move not only online but to the cloud via TMRK. FCC.gov is yet another feather in their hat. 

TMRK remains a core holding of the Opportunistic Portfolios including the Long Only and Levered. 

Terremark’s highly secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering will support the FCC’s efforts to provide richer online services to citizens through a comprehensive overhaul that includes a complete and comprehensive redesign of FCC.gov and its online systems.

“The FCC’s selection of the Enterprise Cloud serves as further validation of the compelling value Terremark’s cloud computing solutions provide our federal customers,” said Bruce Hart, COO of Terremark Federal Group. “With various federal government agencies leveraging our ultra-secure and highly scalable cloud platform to meet their real-time IT infrastructure needs, Terremark continues to distinguish itself as the cloud computing leader in the federal market. Our proven ability to comply with the highest security standards while delivering leading-edge IaaS solutions designed to fulfill each customer’s specific requirements ideally positions our company to further benefit from the U.S. government’s increasing adoption of cloud computing.”

Disclosure: Long TMRK


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