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Huge Alpha Today in Risky Portfolios

Don't post daily results that often, but it's worthwhile to point out days were our portfolios end up positive and the market is very negative. These are the days were the outperformance or alpha of this portfolio really takes shape. More importantly it isn't achieved by being short the market.

Below is the results from the Growth Portfolio as tracked by Marketocracy.com. Beat the SP500 by 0.67%, but more importantly SFCG was up 0.25% on a broadly negative day. The Opportunistic Portfolio was up a more impressively 1%+, but unfortunately I don't have a way to post those results on a daily basis.

Note the columns are shifted over one column. The 0.25% should be under the 'Today' column.

SFCG 0.25%6.16%10.82%25.41%
S&P 500-0.42%3.11%7.03%11.19%

Please contact me at stonefox27@ymail.com with any questions about investing in these portfolios.


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