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SoFi: No Cockroaches Here

 Original article published on Nov. 28

  • SoFi has fallen to new lows due to irrational fears surrounding the immaterial crypto business.
  • The Biden Admin. extending the student debt moratorium by up to 6 months isn't problematic to the long-term business prospects.
  • The stock trades at just 2x '23 sales estimates despite strong forecasts for 34% revenue growth next year following a year with 50% growth.
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Over the last few weeks, SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ:SOFI) has been hit with attack after attack to the stock. The fintech faces limited impacts to the long-term business from the crypto business, loan losses and student loan moratorium, yet the stock has hit all-time lows after reporting 51% growth in the last quarter. My investment thesis remains ultra-Bullish on the business building a financial Super App while the market spreads irrational fear.

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Update - Dec. 14

The only cockroaches are apparently the shorts. CEO Noto burned the shorts today buying $5 million worth of shares over the last few days at prices from $4.29 to $4.58. 
  • SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ:SOFI) shares gained in pre-market trading after the disclosure of a purchase of stock by CEO Anthony Noto.
  • A Form 4 filing published on Tuesday revealed that Noto purchased $5M in common stock. The reported transactions were executed in multiple trades between Dec 9-13, 2022.

Finviz Chart

Update - Dec. 8 
SoFi becomes a better deal the lower the stock prices goes. Not sure why the fintech got attacked in the last month, but it will pass. 

Finviz Chart


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