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Ascend Wellness: Undiscovered Cannabis MSO


  • Ascend Wellness remains an undiscovered cannabis MSO with very few followers on financial websites.
  • The company has an attractive set of licenses including a deal to acquire the MedMen license in New York.
  • The stock only trades at 8x '22 EBITDA targets despite estimates for revenues to double next year.
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The cannabis space is now full of 2nd tier MSOs (multi-state operators) ripe for acquisition targets. Another example is Ascend Wellness Holdings (OTCQX:AAWH) that went public quietly back earlier this year. My investment thesis is very Bullish on the stock, but more proven opportunities exist in the U.S. cannabis market.

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Update - Oct. 6

Good news for the NY license.

-Meeting for the first time today, New York's Cannabis Control Board expanded medical marijuana products to include whole flower, effective immediately, Bloomberg reports.
-Previously, only extracted products were permitted.
-The board also made a change that allows any medical professional who can prescribe a controlled substance can also prescribe medical cannabis.
-Another change is that eligible medical marijuana patients can now have a 60-day supply of product. Before, the limit was 30 days.


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