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AT&T: $30 Is A Worse Case, Not A Target

AT&T took a nearly 10% hit from the recent highs due to negative analyst calls.
The stock will benefit from up to $45 billion in share buybacks and debt repayments from 2020 to 2022.
My $42.50 price target values the stock at a 2022 EV/EBITDA multiple of only 6.9x.
A few negative analyst calls has AT&T (T) suddenly down $3 from the recent yearly highs near $40. While my views on the financial projections of the company are similar to those of these analysts questioning revenue growth potential in entertainment and the new SVOD service, my view on the stock valuation is where the disagreement exists. The stock is cheap on this dip and my price target is still firmly up at $42.50.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 

Disclosure: Long T. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


Eric G said…
Thank you for your continued analysis Mark! It took me a minute to find you! Lol. I was wondering your thoughts on GLUU currently and a good entry price potentially. I happened to sell QCOM before it took its dip. Honestly I really just need a stock to get in and walk away for awhile lol. Thank you for any advice always appreciated.
Mark Holder said…
Glad you found me here.

$GLUU is a great buy below $6 and near $5 here. Its a volatile stock so I'm not sure about blindly walking away. The value is definitely right and I'm holding my position until it returns above $10.
Eric G said…
Thank you! Yeah It looked a little oversold/beat up right now so I wanted to get your opinion of it.

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