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Management Is Making the Right Moves at AerCap

In the business of buying, leasing, and eventually selling multimillion-dollar machines, the ability to buy and sell at the right time can be as crucial as leasing the machine for a profit during the holding period. In the case of AerCap Holdings (NYSE: AER  ) , the management team has consistently done an excellent job of acquiring planes through alternative methods rather than paying high prices directly to airplane manufactures and selling the planes at profits before they become outdated and difficult to unload.

Due to key mergers and acquisitions over the years, AerCap Holdings has built itself up to one of the largest airplane leasing firms in the world. The company currently owns or manages 368 aircraft with an average age of 5.3 years and a lease term of 6.6 years. Not only has management been successful at plane trading, but it also was successful in buying debt at a discount and repurchasing shares substantially below book value.

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