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Monster Worldwide Breaks Downtrend

Anybody following the general market and especially this blog already knows about the CEO placing this company up for sale. See previous article on this blog with a link to an article I wrote for Seeking Alpha for more details.

Today the stock for Monster Worldwide (MWW) is up another 4% mainly with the general market. Possibly though the technicians are jumping on board as the stock has finally broken a couple of downtrends the last few days.

For numerous valuation reasons, it's very logical for the stock to continue pressing above $10 prior to any deal announcements. The biggest risk to price is the next earnings report in April when the attractive balance sheet and brand meets the weak earnings situation.

Until then, I'd expect the stock to remain in an uptrend. The biggest question could possibly be whether to cash out if the stock hits in the $12-13 range prior to a deal or wait it out for a possible $15+ as a few analysts suggest might be possible in a deal.

For now though, the chart below will surely attract new money from the technical traders. The downtrend is broken!

Disclosure: Long MWW. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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