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Who Benefits From The Resurgent Deep Gulf Drilling?

Raise your hand if you realized that by early 2012 there will be more deepwater rigs in the Gulf of Mexico than when the BP spill occurred. According to ODS-Petrodata, 40 deepwater rigs will be in the Gulf compared to 37 before the spill. As an investor and especially one that has invested in the sector, this news caught my attention as something the general investing public doesn't understand yet. So what stocks will be able to take advantage of this trend in 2012?

First, companies that focus on drilling deepwater wells in the Gulf could benefit the most with the rising demand and possibly less competition as many rigs fled the area. Second, any companies in the deepwater segment should benefit with rising sector demand and higher global utilization lifting all day rates regardless of location.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha.

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