C&J Energy Services Signs Deal for Sixth Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet

C&J Energy Services (CJES) now has a two-year contract for its sixth hydraulic fracturing fleet to be deployed in December to the Permian Basis. While not disclosing the customer, it is supposedly a large independent E&P company.

The 6th fleet comprises 32,000 hp and will evidently be deployed mostly into two 16,000 hp fleets for vertical completions.

Other than that, CJES didn't provide many details. It is still on schedule for Fleets 7 and 8 in 2012. Considering the company just deployed Fleet 5 in Q3, it remains on pace for significant growth going into 2013.

On the flip side though, the stock has been amazingly weak since the IPO at the end of July.  This action remains puzzling considering CJES easily surpassed Q2 estimates and is expected to earn above $4 in 2012. Considering it just signed another 2 year contract, I'm not sure what the market is so concerned about. With the stock trading at just over $17, it is definitely one worth watching and possibly adding to any portfolios.

Anybody interested can view the Market Pulse feature on Yahoo! Finance to see exactly how much stock our models own of CJES or any other stock mentioned on this blog. As of Friday, it shows a 9.4% position in our Opportunistic Arbitrage model on Covestor.

Maybe noteworthy of how under followed this IPO has been is that nobody has posted on this stock via Market Pulse.

Disclosure: Long CJES. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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