Poll of the Day: Should Obama Cancel His August Vacation?

Note: Main computer was without connection to the internet last week so I'm just now getting back to being able to post. 

Interest poll results from CNBC on whether Obama should cancel his vacation due to the markets and economy or take it anyway. Surprised to see that 47% said he should cancel his vacation. Considering he tends to spook the market when he speaks wouldn't it be nice to go a week without his constant bashing of the wealthy?

Of course, 53% of the voters want him to go on vacation or said it doesn't matter so maybe that's a sign that investors think the market would be better with him gone. At least a signal that him being at work sure doesn't help.

Should President Obama Cancel His August Vacation?
He should cancel his vacation
He should go on vacation
It doesn't matter
Total Votes: 13486
Not a Scientific Survey
Results may not total 100% due to rounding


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