Two Really Great Clips From Mark Haines

Mark Haines was the legendary CNBC anchor that was known to be tough but fair to guests. Unfortunately he passed away yesterday at the age of 65. May he rest in peace. These 2 clips top the list of my favorite interviews in his long history. Both clips were cut off sooner then I hoped so I'm still looking for longer versions.

In this clip he calls Arianna Huffington 'clueless'. Though the MSNBC co-hosts thought Mark was being harsh and grumpy, he was actually very factual. Arianna was spewing the typical mindset of the bank bailouts. The bailouts didn't save the equity investors. In most cases such as Citigroup (C) and AIG (AIG) the equity holders lost over 90% of there value. What was actually saved was the financial system and the employees of those banks.

In this clip, Mark has a disagreement with Barney Frank. The classic part is when Barney says the interview is over, Mark just goes on with the program as if losing out on the interview was no big deal.


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