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Hays Advisory's Bullish Codes

Great video from Don Hayes of Hays Advisory. Don and his team does one of the best jobs of translating market data into actionable information. Whats important about his information is that it shows the real picture of whether the market is too bullish or bearish. Whether valuations are attractive. Or whether the Fed is a headwind or tailwind to the economy.

According to his latest readings, the market is in a very attractive position for stocks as valuations remain extremely attractive and the monetary conditions are very positive. His only concern is psychology was too bullish leaving April, but that now appears cleared up with the drop in May. Check out the video below:


Anonymous said…
Hays was a roaring bull in 2007-2008; right before the fastest and biggest market collapse in history. All of his soon to fail market indicators flashed "buy." He was out of cash and 100% in stocks.

If this hack has ever made anyone a buck, then it had to be by accident.
Mark Holder said…
He is one of the most accurate market commentators that I know of. Nobody has a perfect record. Who do you follow that is better?

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