Wireless Weddings Discussion Too U.S.-Centric

After a wild couple of weeks in the domestic wireless sector following the announcement that AT&T (T) would purchase T-Mobile from Deustche TeleKom (DTEGY.PK) in a $39B deal, the speculation in the media has centered mostly around other potential wireless mergers in the U.S.
Odd, considering that the U.S. market is very mature and past major telecom mergers a la Sprint (S) and Nextel in the wireless sector and MCI (MCIP) and WorldCom in the wireline/data sector have largely been flops. Between merging networks and combining billing systems, it's extremely time-consuming and underproductive to undertake (trust me, I know from first-hand experience of working the projects of trying to merge the billing systems of MCI and WorldCom).....

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