Poll of the Day: Should the US Have a AAA Rating?

Interesting results from this poll of the day from CNBC.com. Should the U.S. Have a 'AAA' Rating? Only 464 people votes so far, but a resounding 79% voted NO. So a majority of investors feel that the US shouldn't have a AAA credit rating.

Lots of economists argue that the US won't ever default no matter the debt levels because we can always print more money. Regardless a AAA rating is reflective of an countries ability to repay debt and the more borrowed the more risk that has to exist.

Personally I don't understand how an investor would buy US treasuries as if we could never default. It also highlight the continued issues with the credit agencies. They are just now downgrading the US to negative watch for a potential downgrade in two years. When everybody else seems to think they are already behind. Nothing new here as the agencies are very good at telling us what we already know.

Any official downgrade would never happen until the media in general already accepts it. Long after any damage had been done to investors buying based on these ratings.

Should the U.S. Have a 'AAA' Rating?
Total Votes: 464
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