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Monster Employment Index Jumps Again

Instead of rehashing the same data that Mark Perry reported on the Monster Employment Index I thought I'd just re-post it. Regardless of what the government data shows and is typically adjusted, the MEI is showing strong growth throughout this year.

Do you trust a report that is very manipulated and often adjusted later or one that shows the facts? Online recruitment is soaring.


From today's Monster Employment Report for June 2010:

1. The Monster Employment Index climbed 7 points in June and the annual growth rate, now at 21 percent (24-point increase), is at its highest since September 2006.

2. Online demand for workers rose in 17 and remained flat in 5 of the 23 occupational categories in June with healthcare support registering the largest gain on a month-over-month basis.

3. Demand rose in all U.S. Census Bureau regions with West North Central registered the largest monthly as well as 3-month gain. On an annual basis, Middle Atlantic exhibited the most improvement while Mountain registered the most sluggish expansion in demand which was nonetheless positive at 13 percent.

4. Online recruitment activity rose in all major metropolitan markets, with Detroit registering the largest monthly gain.

5. 49 states registered increased online job opportunities in June, with a number of states, such as the Dakotas and Wyoming, registering notable rises following somewhat sluggish recruitment trends in the earlier spring months.


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